Serizzi are mainly used for outdoor (pavements, curbs, street furniture, roofing, stairs, window sills, cemetery…) with operations in rustic finishes such as hammering and flaming. Also funerary art are used (monuments and chapels); in construction (roofing – mainly natural split, floor and wall coverings, stair treads, risers, skirting boards, thresholds, window sills, side dishes for windows, columns, portals, frames, tops, balconies, shelves); street furniture (curbs, sidewalks, road paving, benches, fountains and planters).

Gneiss lends itself to exterior wall cladding because it maintains its physical and mechanical properties, and has a high resistance to weathering. It is often used for buildings and street furniture, and is distinguished by the aesthetic appeal of its shades of gray. It ‘a very elegant and refined material, enhanced by cleft or brushed surface .



Gneiss entrance



Although generally used for the exterior, serizzi, are fields of application for the interior with antique finishes, polished and smoothed.

In particular, Serizzo Antigorio lends itself well to polishing, smoothing, bush hammering, flaming, sandblasting, brushing and aging treatment, and therefore has a wide use for interior (fireplaces, tables, plans for kitchens and bathrooms) .

Even Silver Gneiss is used for fireplaces, tables, plans for kitchens and bathrooms which gives elegance and solidity.

The natural grain of creating impressive games of light, enhanced by both natural light by artificial light, which highlight the bright silver accents.


Italbeola pavimentazioni interne

Serizzo bathroom

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