Serizzo Antigorio


Italian ornamental natural stone of the Val d’Ossola, Verbania (Piedmont) . Ortogneiss high metamorphic grade with gneiss layering defined by a medium grained quartz crystals and feldspar, which give a “occhiadino” appearance when cut perpendicular to the foliation plane. Weaving is defined by thin films of black mica and repeated alternating lenticular clear levels of quartz-feldspar homogeneous grain.
In parallel to the foliation cut the rock presents a swampy interdigitated structure of light and dark minerals, with a predominance of black mica (basal plane of biotite), which give a more dark effect.

Geologic setting : Paleozoic (570-230 mda)

Serizzo Antigorio lends itself readily to polishing, smoothing, hammering, flaming, sandblasting, brushing and antiquing.

Serizzo Antigorio has a wide use in interiors (fireplaces, tables, kitchen and bathroom floors); funerary art (monuments and chapels); construction (roofing – mainly natural cleft -, floor and wall coverings, stair treads, risers, skirting boards, thresholds, window sills, window surrounds, columns, portals, frames, tops, balconies, shelves); street furniture (curbs, sidewalks, road paving, benches, fountains and planters).


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